I have a flat / house to share


If you are looking for a flatmate, we will be the intermediaries between you and a refugee looking for a flat-share. Refugee people often live in isolated centres, that is to say in conditions that block them from interacting with other inhabitants of Fribourg.

We maintain that through the encounter between people coming from different cultural and social backgrounds the possibilities of integration increase, especially through the process of language learning. These exchanges, as for any other situation of exchange between people with different backgrounds, enrich the flat-sharing experience.

Jolie Maison will help you to get in touch with one or more refugee people. We will guide them throughout the visit of the flat and help them with the administrative procedure. Also, we will remain at your disposal as contacts and references after the flat-share is arranged.

If you have an available room in your flat/house, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the contact form!